These melts were made when I was part of Border Candles and Aromatics and are therefore in a clearance sale.



Our melts are made with a unique combination of natural soy wax and fragrance oil. Just break a square off, pop on your wax burner or melter and enjoy.....


A fragrance cannot be trademarked or copyrighted, but names and words can, therefore some names have been changed slightly or totally. If you are confused by some, don't see the one you want, then please message us.


Wax Melts - (Clearance Sale)

£5.50 Regular Price
£3.85Sale Price
  • These soy wax melt bars feature six squares one square perfect for any standard wax warmer, traditional or electric. Just pop a wax melt square onto a wax burner and light a tea light below, or use one of our electric burners to remove the need for a flame. The scent will diffuse into your room and last for up to 10 hours per wax square. Perfect for trying new fragrances!

  • All shipping now £2 up to 1Kg and £3 for anything above.

    All shipping will be with a courier, not with Royal Mail. (There are too many parcels going astray and taking a long time to be delivered.)

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